Why Attend Transnational Conferences

Conferences present an opportunity for individuals with a shared interest to exchange ideas and information. This is particularly useful for academics as well as professionals who desire to grow and build their career. Attention is paid to international academic conferences. This is largely due to the opportunity it presents to network with like-minded scholars and industry experts from other countries with unique experiences in their field, but there is a need to take advantage of other types of conferences, especially transnational conferences. This article defines transnational conferences as “international conferences within the African Continent”. Below are 4 reasons to attend transnational conferences.

1. International Academic Conferences are Essential for Academic Growth

As stated earlier, transnational conferences are also international conferences. Academics would attest to the fact that international conferences are essential for academic growth and career-building. Conferences provide opportunities to learn new developments in one’s field and brainstorm with like-minded peers. Presenting at such conferences improves presentation and communication skills.

2. Networking Business Opportunities are Forged

Believe it or not, academic conferences are not always strictly for academics. Industry practitioners also find international conferences a viable platform for networking and sharing business and intellectual ideas. Networking is a critical job-hunting skill. Many academics have switched jobs or taking on better roles by simply networking and connecting with conference attendees. Others have received invitations to speak at institutions after presenting their research at conferences.

3. Great Travel Experience

Moving to a new location is a huge part of the conference appeal. This means you can see other cities, try new food and visit local attractions and landmarks. In some cases, you can also try to learn a little new language. The cultural appeal cannot be separated from the conference experience. More so, as part of the conference activities, you will also have the opportunity to participate in social events such as dinners, trips and parties. Do not forget, you get to make good friends who share similar interest as you.

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4. Visa Application Success Rate is High

Transnational conferences also improve your chance of getting visa approval. Truth be told, some embassies may deny your visa application if you have no international travel experience, despite your impressive academic profile. Hence, there is a need to acquire travel experiences outside one’s country. You can build up an international travel profile by getting transnational travel experiences for a start. Begin by applying for and attending conferences within Africa. This is a win-win situation because, for one, you get to add the transnational conferences as international conference experience in your academic portfolio (CV). On the other hand, your travel experience outside your country makes it easier for you to be granted visas to countries on other continents.

Academic Conferences 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, industries around the world suffered setbacks, including the education industry. The classroom teaching was halted, similarly, conferences were postponed or cancelled. This led to the rise of online teaching as well as teleconferences. However, with the ease of restrictions on movement, travelling, as well as gatherings by countries, the question on the lips of conference-goers as well as stakeholders is – are academic conferences happening in 2021?

For the most part, conferences never stopped. Instead, most were moved online through zoom, event cloud, and other online video conferencing platforms. Others were held in online/hybrid locations such as the Out Of (And Into) Africa Virtual Conference 2021 which will commence on the 25-26th of October.

Find updates on latest academic conferences within and outside Africa here.

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