Young Scholar of the Month (March 2024)

Welcome to March!

We are thrilled to spotlight our Scholar of the Month, the incredible Aissam Bousbia. Get ready to be inspired!

Read about Aissam’s career as a biochemist, which has been defined by academic brilliance and motivated by the desire to understand the complexities of life at the molecular level.

Aissam Bousbia is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences and Earth and Universe Sciences at the University of Guelma (Algeria).  A member of Laboratory Biology, Water, and Environment (LBEE) at the University of Guelma, Algeria, a co-designer on the Centre for Social Action (CfSA) project at the Diana Award, U.K., and the founder of Healthlytic, a Nigerian-based health-tech start-up.

His research cut across climate change; production systems, dairy science, sustainability in agriculture, agri-food, agroecology, and food security.

Innovation in Action

His research provides practical solutions to local problems by identifying innovative methods for improving the production and quality of agricultural products. By working on specific subjects linked to the needs of our region to ensure that agricultural potential is considered and that industrialists are supported, it has become necessary to ensure the development of the regional and national economies.

Awards and recognitions:

Aissam’s dedication to scholarship and social impact has garnered recognition through multiple awards, underscoring his commitment to excellence and innovation.

2019. Ability to conduct research: agricultural sciences (HDR

2015. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Agricultural Sciences.

2010. Master of Agricultural Sciences. Specialty: Animal Sciences

2007. Agricultural engineer. Speciality: Animal Production,

2002. Bachelor’s degree in Natural and Life Sciences

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His pursuit of knowledge has led him to the prestigious University of Toronto, Canada, where he is currently shaping his expertise through an M.Sc. in Health Informatics.

Navigating the Early Scholar Journey: Overcoming Hurdles and Embracing Growth

As a young researcher, Aissam faced many exciting but demanding challenges. First, establishing academic credibility in his research community was a major challenge. This involves publishing significant research, presenting his findings at conferences, and cooperating with other researchers. Secondly, seek cooperation and partnership with other researchers in the academic world.

Culture Shocks in the Diaspora: Unveiling the Learning Curve

As a young African researcher from the diaspora, Aissam had to deal with cultural shocks as he navigated the academic world. Here are some of these cultural challenges and how he overcame them:

  • “Differences in academic norms and expectations: Arriving in a new academic environment, I had to adapt to specific standards and expectations for research, writing, and presentation. To overcome this, I invested time in understanding local research norms and sought advice from mentors and more experienced colleagues.”
  • “Language barrier: Sometimes the language barrier (native language: Arabic, working language: French and English) can be a challenge, especially if the language of teaching and research is different from my native language. To deal with this, I had to improve my language skills by taking language courses and practicing regularly with native speakers.”
  • “Cultural differences in communication and social interaction: Cultural differences in communication can sometimes influence misunderstandings or conflicts. To overcome this, I have learned to be aware of these differences and adopt an open and inclusive approach in my interactions with colleagues and peers.”
  • “Adapting to a new working environment: Moving to a new working environment can also be unsettling, especially when it involves new hierarchical structures, different working practices, and distinct cultural expectations. To adapt, I sought to realise the organizational culture of my institution and become effectively involved in the local academic community.”
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Words of Wisdom for Fellow International Students: Navigating Uncharted Waters

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