Postdoc Position on COVID-Complexity Study at University of Amsterdam

The Faculty of Science-Institute, university of Amsterdam Invites applications for candidates who are ambitious and passionate about working towards interdisciplinary scientific and societal goals for its Postdoctoral Position – Complexity Science Approach to Adaptive Pandemic Management (COVID-Complexity Study).

During the COVID-19 crisis, pandemic management proved highly complex because of strongly interacting centralized and decentralized decision-making in combination with having multiple incommensurate goals (physical health, mental health, economy, etc.). This unavoidably resulted in uncertainty about health care effects and lowering societal resilience. In this NWO funded project the University will apply complexity science methods to create an improved, more resilient management strategy, in four directly linked work packages (WP):

  • data-driven multi-domain resilience operationalisation;
  • group model building;
  • computational modelling;
  • ‘flight simulator’ based scenario workshops on adaptive decision making.

For each of the four work packages, UvA offers a two-year post-doc position; this position pertains to WP3. The postdocs will closely collaborate in applying complexity science tools to improve management for policy and decision-makers who also will participate as stakeholders. The project is supervised by a highly interdisciplinary study group with scientists from complexity science, medical microbiology, management, and computational science.

Duration: 2 years.

Starting Date: January 03, 2022.


The tasks of the candidate in the COVID-Complexity Study project are summarized as follows:

  • translating qualitative domain knowledge (Causal Loop Diagrams, co-created in WP2; CLD) into quantitative system dynamics models (SDM) that can simulate hypothetical scenarios;
  • using epidemiological data to inform/calibrate computational modeling;
  • quantifying the various types of uncertainties in the model;
  • quantify different policy targets in a single model (e.g., health, economic, ethical);
  • quantify the resilience of the modeled system;
  • developing interactive simulation workshops for stakeholders;
  • join the effort to design a new adaptive management framework that makes use of co-created models and resilience concepts.
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  • A gross monthly salary of  €2,836 to €4,474
  • Annual holiday allowance of 8% of the yearly salary, plus a year-end allowance of 8.3% of the annual salary.
  • A broad package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical infrastructure, moving expenses, and savings schemes).

Job Requirements

The Postdoc Position on COVID-Complexity Study seeks candidates with

  • an MSc and/or PhD degree in Computer Science, Computational Science, Complex Systems, (Applied) Mathematics, Statistics, Statistical Physics, or a closely related field;
  • computational modeling (differential/difference equations; stochastic dynamics; system dynamics);
  • model calibration (Monte Carlo/MCMC techniques; likelihood function; local/global parameter optimization techniques; Pareto front);
  • complexity science and related concepts (resilience/robustness; tipping points; bifurcations/critical points);
  • a strong scientific interest in co-developing computational models in collaboration with scientists and stakeholders from various disciplines;
  • experience with mathematical/computational modelling/dynamical systems;
  • proficiency with probability theory and statistics;
  • fluent proficiency in English, both written and spoken.

Application Process

Applications for the Postdoc Position on COVID-Complexity Study should be in .pdf and should include:

  • CV, including a list of publications, and
  • a motivation letter.

However, applicants are to mention the months (not just years) in their CV when referring to their education and work experience.

To apply to the Postdoc Position on COVID-Complexity Study at the University of Amsterdam, click here.

Application Deadline: October 03, 2021

For more information about the Postdoc Position on COVID-Complexity Study, visit the official site.

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